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Using the most advanced technology to gathered advertisers and publishers in the most effective way ever

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Who are we ?

Many Links is a company based in Madrid with full experience in mobile advertising and digital marketing campaigns. Our past is software development, that's why we are internet specialists. We know how to make profitable operations with a record time of implementation.

We have developed our own tools to give you the best service available in the market.

Strategy Solutions

We pick the right moment and the right place to monetize and re-engage users based on big data and extensive customers analysis


We believe in every interaction with users daily experience, reaching them when it matters most


We aply diverse advertising monetization solutions in order to build a great business around what matter most: customers satisfaction.


No matter what you want to promote, whether its an app a product or a website, we can reach any of your global needs and bring close any audience you may need

  • As simply as it sounds. We reach your message to any audience
  • We put a lot of effort in comunication, as it’s the most important ingredient of a successful business.
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Maximize you ROI with us. Our expertise will open you the best audience for your product

  • Grow with our technology and get your product discovered by many users at the perfect time
  • Amplify user acquisition and re-engagement of your campaigns
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Global users


Different countries

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